«The triumph of emptiness» By Matts Alvesson (2013)

Those who have never dealt with works coming from the field of critical management studies here have a great opportunity to do so. The aim of Alvesson is no other than that of provoking a reflection (puncturing myths, as he says) on academic, media-related and taken-for-granted truths on fields so disperse as management theory, consumption&marketing, leadership studies or higher education at large.

Core ideas he wants to covey are the unstoppable display (and proliferation), in our mature Western economies, of zero-sum games (example: status-oriented consumption), grandiosity (selling image above substance) and illusion tricks (pseudo-events, pseudo-theories, pseudo-realities) in all the above mentioned fields.

The text (summarized here) works nicely for those (management) professors willing to discuss the societal, ethical and even politico-ideological implications of big segments of their areas of expertise.

To finish, a reminder on the next session of our Book Discussion club:

DIA (Comida + debate). 14 Febrero (14-17h). Sala: 4M1N (Campus Sant Cugat)
AUTOR y LIBRO: Heinrich Geiselberger (ed.). La Gran regresión (2017) / The Great regression (2017)

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