Sesión: 1 de Abril 2020. «Together: The rituals, pleasures and politics of cooperation»

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Tema: Pensamiento social

Together: The rituals, pleasures and politics of cooperation. By R. Sennett (Yale University Press). 2012


Living with people who differ – racially, ethnically, religiously or economically – is one of the most urgent challenges facing civil society today. Together argues that co-operation needs more than good will: it is a craft that requires skill. In modern society traditional bonds are waning, and we must develop new forms of secular, civic ritual that make us more skilful in living with others. From Medieval guilds to today’s social networks, Richard Sennett’s visionary book explores the nature of co-operation, why it has become weak and how it can be strengthened.

Nota: Para los que no hayan podido leer o tengan el libro en un espacio diferente a donde viven la situación de cuarentena hemos preparado este esquema de las ideas centrales para su discusión (enlace aquí).

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